Saturday, July 12, 2014

OOTD: Summer Cowgirl

A quick little outfit post on this sunny Saturday! I've finally kicked my summer cold a hundred percent, & I'm so excited to get back out into society :) I also have exciting news on the job front, I landed an internship & I start this Monday!!! I can't believe that I'm finally going to be working in the fashion industry, I've been dreaming of this day for so long & in 2 days it will be a reality <3
Dress-FOREVER 21, Boots-CHINESE LAUNDRY, Bag & Sunnies-FOREVER 21

I wore this outfit to grab a quick dinner & do a little grocery shopping. I love how in New York you can wear whatever you want, to do whatever you want & nobody cares. Back in Maryland I would feel "weird" wearing a dress to just grab groceries & walk around, but here it's totally normal :) Since we do a lot of walking I haven't worn my heels much, but these booties are so comfy & work surprisingly well this summer dresses. Happy Weekend <3

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

OOTD: Black & White World

Hey ladies! I've been feeling kind of under the weather these last couple of days, but I'm trying to fight through it :) I wore this outfit Monday for an afternoon of picnicking and an evening at the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival. Even though the viewing was in the middle of the city it had a small town feel to it, and they even handed out cute little bags of complimentary popcorn. 


Each day here in New York it's easier & easier to tell who is visiting & who's a New Yorker. Backpacks are usually a dead giveaway, so I wasn't quite sure that I wanted to wear mine since it'd label me as a tourist .. but it's so cute I had to! I thrifted this backpack forever ago & never got around to wearing it, but now that I'm spending so much time walking around it's super convenient & the perfect size :) I'm gonna go chug some more hot tea, but I hope all of you have a happy Wednesday <3

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tasty Tuesdays: Vive La Crepe

As some of you may or may not know, I'm half French! I may not speak it, but I definitely love to eat it & that's exactly what I did yesterday :) Since David & I hadn't made it to Central Park yet, we decided to do a cute little picnic there yesterday afternoon. I'd been craving crepes for a while, so I couldn't have been happier when David mentioned that there was a crepe shop not too far from where we were headed. I think that a lot of people think of desserts when they here the word 'crepe', but there are tons of good savory options as well. When we stepped into Vive La Crepe I thought that it looked pretty legit thanks to the Evian waters & tiny glass coke bottles in the front, & then I saw that even their main website had a French url .. aka this place was legit :) We decided to try 3 different crepes, 2 savory & 1 sweet one to split for dessert.

Crepe 1: Prosciutto, Raclette, Gruyere Cheese, & Sliced Potatoes 
Crepe 2: Smoked Salmon, Fresh Spinach, Cream Cheese, & Capers
Crepe 3: Nutella & Sliced Bananas

I would say that the salmon crepe was the best followed by the Nutella one, but I'd be willing to go back & try them both again just to make sure :) Also, I don't normally spend $30 for a "carry-out" meal, but I'm really glad that we did because they were super delicious & hit the spot (however, I will say $2 for a few banana slices seems excessive)! It might not look like a large portion, but I was contently full after eating the savory crepe & had just enough room left for the dessert one :) I really liked that the crepes were made right in front of us, & the ingredients all tasted very fresh. If you're in the mood for a crepe, want to try something new, or just need a portable culinary option I would definitely check out Vive La Crepe! Make sure to check back tomorrow to see the complete outfit <3

Sunday, July 6, 2014

OOTD: Paisley in Brooklyn

Oh NYC you are quite breath taking :) David & I decided to brave the super hot sticky temps the other day to explore Brooklyn Heights/DUMBO & get a good look at the Brooklyn Bridge! One of my favorite things about NYC (besides the food .. obvi) is the gorgeous architecture, whether it be the spectacular bridges or the beautiful buildings, your eyes are forever being entertained. This outfit is a special outfit, because it's what I wore to my first NYC interview!! It's so different picking out an interview outfit for a fashion related job vs. a "normal" job, because you want to show your creative fashionable side, while still looking like an adult or something like that :) Anyways, it was an awesome first interview & I really like what I know about the brand so far .. so I'm keepin my fingers & toes crossed! In case you didn't notice, I had some fun with a few different filters on the photos to stick with the vintage vibe of the skirt & sunnies, what do ya think??


This gorgeous paisley skirt was originally a cheap vintage thrift store find, but the only problem was that it was originally a dress & way too busy! I decided to take scissors to it per usual (sound familiar??), & thank goodness I did otherwise it would've stayed on the hanger for the rest of eternity. It was hard to find a necklace that went well with the peter pan style collar of my crop top, so I decided to switch things up. I tucked the majority of this statement necklace under the collar so that only a small portion was visible, & it ended up sort of looking like a cute broach :) On a less cute note, let's talk about how much of a creepy old lady vibe my sunglasses are giving off lol. It's definitely time to retire them & let the circle of life come full circle .. aka donate them back to the thrift store. I borrowed my lovely roomie's lip stain for the interview (lipstick ALWAYS ends up on my teeth) & I haven't been this impressed with a makeup product in a minute, expect a full review soon!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July, I had way too much fun last year hehe :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

OOTD: Pre Patriotic

Welcome to the new & improved Pich & Roor!! I'm so excited to finally share with all of you the new updated design, & I really hope you all love it as much as I do :) Tammy did such an awesome job translating my ideas into reality & even found a way to attach a Yelp icon with all of my other social media icons, so that you can follow all my food adventures! The fresh new layout along with my move to NYC has given me a glorious burst of energy & inspiration, & I'm hoping to have more regular weekly postings. This past week I submitted my resume & cover letters to several different companies across NYC, I'm really hoping to hear back from at least a couple .. so please cross your fingers & toes for me!! 

Dress-Thrifted, Belt-ASOS, Purse-FOREVER 21, Shoes-CONVERSE

I wore this outfit yesterday to cheer on Team USA vs. Belgium, & let me tell you I have NO fingernails left! That game was so stressful & heartbreaking, I don't usually get emotionally invested, but damn that loss sucked :( At first I wanted to wear one of David's jerseys to the game, but that thing looked hideous on me so I settled for a patriotic dress. I thrifted this dress several years ago & chopped off some inches, but never managed to hem it .. I don't really mind the distressed edges & am totally going to pretend it's supposed to be that way :) I'm not sure if it's the new environment or the hot temperatures, but I feel like I've been attracted to simple outfits more than ever before. Have any of you ever moved & it affected your style?? On another note, I just started a fashion forecasting course for school, & it's really interesting learning about what non-fashion related trends tie into different clothing trends. One of my assignments from last week was about if Nike should join in on the steampunk trend, yeah I said they should pass, there's no way people could run with all those extra metal gears on there lol. I can't believe that this Friday is already the 4th of July, we're going to be spending it with friends at a rooftop bbq & I'm beyond excited!! Do any of you have any fun plans for this weekend?? Happy Hump Day <3